How to Efficiently Change Out Your Seasonal Clothing

April 10, 2017

seasonal clothing


Changing out my clothing each season used to be a chore that I dreaded. I had large totes that I stored the clothes in. The clothes for the most recent season would be moved into my closet and I would pack last season’s clothes back into the totes and haul them down to our basement level to store them. I was making more work for myself than I needed and eventually streamlined the process.

Changing out your seasonal clothing can be a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. There are several easy things that you can do to make it easier to accomplish.

1 | Keep year-round items as a mainstay in your dresser or closet.

Instead of changing out your lighter weight clothing, keep it in your closet or dresser year-round. Things such as t-shirts, lightweight sweaters, and pants should have a permanent home so they don’t need to be moved when your clothing is changed out.

2 | Keep your seasonal clothing close at hand.

It may seem convenient to tuck your seasonal clothing away in clear totes and put them away in an unused closet or storage area. However, it makes it very difficult to easily access the items when you need them or you’re changing out your clothing. It is better to pare down your wardrobe so you have the essential items you need. That will also make it easier to change things out when it comes time to do so.

seasonal clothing

3 | Keep a dresser for seasonal items.

If you have the space for it, keep your seasonal items in a dresser so you can easily access them throughout the year. When you’re planning a vacation to a different climate, you don’t want to have to dig through bins that you have stored away. It is easier to keep them in an area that is close at hand.

4 | Utilize that cedar chest or cedar closet.

Many times, a cedar chest or cedar closet is under-utilized. It is a storage space for items that are not used frequently. Instead, use your cedar chest or cedar closet for your woolen items and heavy sweaters.

5 | Take the opportunity to donate items.

If there is clothing that you haven’t worn in a while, take the opportunity to donate it. The items can be used by someone else, and you don’t have to move them with each season.

seasonal clothing

Utilizing the space that you have readily available is important to efficiently store and change out your seasonal clothing. Implementing some of the ideas that are listed can make it easier to accomplish.

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