How to Cope When You’re Missing a Loved One

June 12, 2017

cope, missing, lonely, loved one

At certain points in my marriage, my husband has to travel for a week or two at a time for mandatory training. Although I know that he will be home eventually, it’s still difficult to be apart from him for so long.

There are times in life when you may have to be apart from a loved one (spouse or child) for a period of time. Whether it is a work trip or your loved one is away at school or in the military, it can be difficult to be apart. Sometimes, you can keep in touch each day. Other times, you could go days or weeks without any communication from your loved one. How can you cope when you’re missing your loved one?

cope, missing, lonely, loved one

Stay Positive

Even though days and weeks may seem to drag,  it’s important to remain positive during your loved one’s absence to help you cope with it. Staying positive is especially helpful if they contact you. You don’t want them to worry that everything is okay at home.

cope, missing, lonely, loved one

Keep Yourself Busy

The days can drag by when you have a loved one that is absent from home. It’s important to fill your day with things that will keep you busy. Find things, at home, that need doing and get them done, or find a hobby that you can take up while they are gone. Reading, either fiction or nonfiction is also an excellent way to pass the time. You could also take a walk each evening to help pass the time.

cope, missing, lonely, loved one

Write Letters

If you can send letters to your loved one while they are away; do it! Even though there may be texts, phone calls, face-to-face calls, or emails, a letter can brighten your loved one’s day. It is also something that they can keep once they return home.

cope, missing, lonely, loved one

Keep a Journal

Keep a journal of what you are thinking about your loved one each day. Add pictures of family, friends, or daily events, and when your loved one returns home, you can give it to them. Your entries don’t have to be long or detailed unless you want them to be. Write just enough to provide them with a snapshot of what you’ve been up to while they were gone.

cope, missing, lonely, loved one

Get Together With Family or Friends

When your loved one is away from home, one of the best ways to pass the time is to get together with family or friends.  It helps if you have people to spend time with, especially in the evening when the day’s activities slow down. If you can’t get together, make some time to talk on the phone.

cope, missing, lonely, loved one

When a loved one is away from home, it can certainly be lonely. In order to cope in their absence, it’s important to stay busy. Remaining occupied with other things will help take your mind off of their absence until they finally return home.

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cope, missing, lonely, loved one