Creating a Home Office Space That Works for You

August 24, 2017

home office, office, office space

When my children were younger, I dreamed of having a home office space of my own. My area consisted of space in a closet that I stored all of my supplies. My desk was the dining room table. Not exactly a dream office space, but it worked for me at the time.

After our children starting moving out on their own, I was able to claim one of their bedrooms for my home office space. I spend a lot of time working in my home office during the day, and I wanted a space that was warm and inviting.

There are several things that you can incorporate into your home office space that along with a good organizational system will create a space that works for you. Today, I’m going to get personal and share some pictures of my home office space with you.

home office, office, office space

Desk/Work Space

Having a good desk or work surface is extremely important. You need sufficient space to work. A good work surface was the one item that I spent most time searching for so I could find one that best fit my needs. The desk that sits in my home office is a corner desk with two distinct surface areas. The first area holds my desktop computer and my printer. The second area provides space for planning and doing other paperwork.

Filing System

The filing system in my home office space consists of two separate spaces. There is a file drawer in my desk that houses papers that I access frequently. I keep my business and financial records in the file drawer. I access them several times during the month, and it helps to keep them close at hand to where I’m working.

There is also a filing cabinet in which we store papers for a longer period. We keep things such as previous year’s tax returns and our automobile records in the filing cabinet. These items are not accessed as frequently, but we need a place to keep them. Even with a lot of items that are now paperless, you always end up with paperwork that you need to keep.

home office, office, office space


Bookshelves are a must for me in my home office. I keep the books that I reference regularly, as well as other resources that I access on a consistent basis.

Using a bookshelf that is lower allows for you to keep the books that you use most frequently and also allows you to use the top for beautiful decor to add a personal touch to your home office.

home office, office, office space

Adequate Storage

Having proper storage is important to organize the items that you use in your office. With my office being a former bedroom, I have access to a closet to store some of my larger items. I also have a wall storage system, an old armoire that I repainted, and a drawer system. Those items in addition to the bookshelves that I have to help me to keep my office items organized.

Comfortable Chairs

Having comfortable desk chairs was important to me since I spend so much time working in my home office. The chairs that I chose are a banker style seating that also has rollers so I can move around easily. If you have space, adding a comfy chair to sit in while you’re working or reading would also be a great addition to your space.

Adequate Lighting

Having proper lighting is important while you are working. My home office has overhead lighting and task lighting. I rarely use the overhead light unless I have a large project that I have to spread out. I have task lighting at my desk and craft table, as well as a lamp on the opposite side of the room.

home office, office, office space

Create an office space of your own that embraces your personality. Incorporating personal touches into your home office along with a good organizational system will create a warm and welcoming space that you enjoy working in each day.

Until next time,

home office, office, office space