Get Away by Planning a Day Trip

July 20, 2017

day trip, get away

One of my favorite things to do is to take a day trip. The hubby and I choose a place that we would like to explore, plan the day, and take off. We usually look for places that are an hour or two from home so we can spend a majority of our time enjoying what our destination has to offer.

Planning a vacation was the topic of a previous blog post. However, taking time off for a vacation isn’t always a possibility. A day trip is an excellent way to get away to relax and recharge without taking a lot of time off.

day trip, get away

Choose a Location

Choose a location that has something that you would like to see or do. Whether it’s a shopping destination, museum, historical site, sports game, or simply enjoying nature, there are plenty of new places to explore.

day trip, get away

Plan the Day

Before taking off for the day, the hubby and I choose where we would like to visit, and what we would like to do when we reach our destination. We also look for a local restaurant where we can dine. However, we don’t plan out the entire trip.

Some of the best memories are made when you’re being spontaneous. If you see a place that you would like to stop, do it. If you don’t reach your planned destination, it gives you a good reason┬áto go back and visit.

day trip, get away

Make Memories

Take the time to make memories while you are enjoying your day trip. Pick up a souvenir, or take pictures throughout the trip. Add your itinerary, thoughts, and feelings of the day, along with the pictures you took, to a travel journal or scrapbook.

day trip, get away

When you don’t have the time to take a vacation, take a day trip instead. Take the day to relax and recharge while making new memories.

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day trip, get away