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How to Declutter Your Personal Space

March 30, 2017

declutter, personal space

One thing that I struggle with is the clutter on our counter tops. They end up being a drop zone for anything and everything whether it belongs there or not. It can be rather frustrating dealing with it each day.

Clutter can be overwhelming. Especially, when you don’t have the time or motivation to take care of it. With this in mind, how do you begin to declutter your personal space? There are several things that you can do to start tackling the clutter in some of the most frequent problem areas.

declutter, personal space

1 | Mail –

Mail needs to be sorted as soon as you get it. Taking a few minutes when the mail comes in saves hours of sorting through it again later.

  • Bills should be organized by the date they need to be paid so you can access them when that time comes.
  • Items that need immediate attention should be placed in a high visual area, so they don’t get lost in a sea of paperwork.
  • Items that include important dates need to be written in your planner or added to the calendar on your digital device.
  • Garbage needs to be placed in the trash can or shredded immediately. Hanging onto these items just adds to the clutter.

declutter, personal space

2 | Clothing –

As tempting as it is to drop your clothes somewhere to take care of them later, it isn’t optimum when trying to declutter your personal space.

  • Clothing that can be worn again should be folded and put away or hung up.
  • Laundry should be immediately placed in your laundry basket or hamper.
  • Outerwear should be placed in your hall closet, on a hook, or in a bin.

3 | Counters –

Counters are one of the first places that clutter ends up. Whether in your kitchen or laundry room, counters need to remain aclutter-freee zone. As easy as it is to think about taking care of something later, it often doesn’t happen.

  • Take care of items immediately and put them away in their appropriate spot.
  • Keep only the items on your counter that you use on a daily basis.
  • Avoid piling paperwork on your counter. It just creates an organizing headache later.

declutter, personal spaceSave yourself the stress and time of taking care of clutter, so it doesn’t become overwhelming. Tackling just a few problem areas can help you begin to get rid of the clutter for good.

Until next time,

declutter, personal space