How to Keep Your Email Inbox Organized

April 27, 2017

email, email inbox, organization

One of the goals that I have set for myself is to clean out my inbox as much as possible by the end of each day. On some days, I am successful. On other days, not so much. However, I continue to keep this daily goal so my inbox doesn’t get out of control.

Does your email inbox seem to have taken on a life of its own? In today’s digital age, email communication is in use on a daily basis and, at times, it can seem overwhelming. There are multiple ways that you can simplify your email feed and tame the clutter in your inbox.

email, email inbox, organization

Email Inbox Folders

You need to treat your inbox just like you would manage a to-do list. The items that live in your inbox should be only the things that need immediate attention. Other emails need to be taken care of promptly to keep your inbox clean.

Once you have completed whatever action is necessary for each email, you need to move it out of your inbox by either deleting the email or moving it to another location. It’s the same as crossing an item off of your to-do list.

You can easily solve this problem by creating folders for emails that you want to keep. The folder headings could be as simple as home and work, or you can create personal labels that fit the emails that come into your inbox.

By taking care of the emails that come into your inbox on a consistent basis, your inbox then includes only the emails that need your prompt attention; just like the items on a to-do list.

email, email inbox, organization

Email Services, and Sortd are both online email services, and another way to clean up your inbox of unwanted email. is a free service that allows you to unsubscribe from the emails that you don’t want, and combine the emails of your choice into a “roll-up” that is delivered once a day.

Sortd works inside of Google and allows you to keep track of emails and to-dos in your inbox. It has a column layout that allows you to personalize the names of the columns. When an email comes into your inbox, you can click and drag the email into the appropriate column. Emails can be ordered, in the column, by the level of importance.

email, email inbox, organization

The to-do and follow-up columns are pre-set although you can change the name of both of them. You can add additional columns and personalize them to your needs.


It’s your inbox. If you don’t want certain emails in your inbox, get rid of them by unsubscribing from them. It takes a few minutes, but it’s worth the time not to have the unwanted email in your inbox.

email, email inbox, organization

Since email communication is used on a daily basis, it can seem overwhelming. There are various ways that you can simplify your inbox, so it includes only the important emails that need your attention. Simplify your email feed and tame the clutter in your inbox by taking back your inbox and making it work for you.

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email, email inbox, organization