How to Run a Successful Garage Sale

May 8, 2017

garage sale, yard sale, sale

When the weather begins to warm up, thoughts start to turn to garage sales. There are so many that pop up around town; in particular on the weekends. Attending a garage sale is easy; you find the garage sales that you want to visit and stop in to see what type of treasures it holds for you. Holding a garage sale is an entirely different matter. It takes hours to set up because you need to organize and price items, so you are ready for sale day. There are several things that you can do to make your garage sale run smoothly.

garage sale, yard sale, sale

Start with an online pricing guide.

There are several pricing guide options if you search for them online. Pricing guides help to give you a gauge for pricing your items. Knowing what to price each item can take quite a bit of your time if you aren’t sure what to ask for it. There is a garage sale pricing guide here that is rather comprehensive.

garage sale, yard sale, salePrice all of your items.

You should price all of your items, so customers don’t have to ask you what something costs. If there is a line, people will often avoid it and leave instead of waiting to ask you. If you have similar items, a well-placed sign will work just as well as marking each of the items individually. Keep in mind that people will haggle the price. If there are items that you don’t want to sell too cheaply, increase the asking price by about 15%-20%, knowing that the sale price will probably end about where you want it to.

Organize items by item type.

Just like in a store, items should be placed by item type, so they are easy to find. You certainly wouldn’t look for kitchen items in the hardware department. Keep your customers in mind as you set things up as to how they will shop your sale.

Greet your customers.

It’s helpful to greet your customers with a “hello” and a smile. People are more willing to talk to you about sale items if they perceive you as friendly and welcoming rather than cold and distant.

Don’t make customers dig for sale items.

It is best to display your items, if at all possible. Sometimes, due to space, you need to put items in boxes or bins. If this is something you need to do, make sure that you group like items by type in each box or container. Also, don’t make customers dig for sale items. It will deter them from wanting to buy things if they can’t see what you have to offer.

garage sale, yard sale, sale

Ensure that you have the money to make change for customers.

Before the garage sale, make sure that you get coins and smaller bills to make change for your shoppers. You don’t want to be given a larger currency and not be able to finalize the purchase because you can’t give them change. A calculator is also helpful to add up the purchases and make accurate change.

garage sale, yard sale, saleHave a stash of bags to put the sold items into after the sale.

If a customer buys multiple items, you can’t expect that they will be able to carry them out without help. Having a stash of bags will contain the items so they can easily carry them to their car. Smaller boxes will also help with some of the bigger items. Keep newspaper, tissue, or smaller paper bags on hand to wrap more delicate items so they don’t break.

garage sale, yard sale, sale

A garage sale is a good way to eliminate some of the items from your home while also making some money in the process. Implementing the above items can help ensure that your garage sale will run more smoothly. Set it up, get ready to go, and open your doors for business. You’ll be a garage sale pro in no time.

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garage sale, yard sale, sale