How to Organize Your Next Gathering

June 19, 2017

gathering, get-together, barbecue, plan

A family gathering is one of my favorite things to do. I love getting our entire family together for dinner. With a son in the military, we can get all of our kiddos together about once a year. I truly look forward to those times and want to spend my time talking and visiting rather than working to get a meal prepared and cleaned up.

The summer season is the perfect time for get-togethers consisting of barbecues, picnics, or bonfires. How can you organize your next gathering so you can spend more time socializing with your guests?

gathering, get-together, barbecue, plan

Plan Ahead

One way to get a jump start on organizing your gathering is to plan it out. Who will you invite? What types of food and drink will you serve? With there be any decor to set the mood?

It’s much nicer to have everything ready to go so you can spend the day of getting ready and seeing just to the last minute details.

Keep It Simple

Keep your gathering simple so you can spend time with your guests. It will also allow for quicker cleanup.

Choose foods with easy prep and don’t feel the need to make everything yourself. You can purchase items and add your own flair if you decide to.

Decor can be made up of things that you already have around your home. Glassware and candles can be set up as a centerpiece or in another prominent place where your guests will be mingling. Flowers also make a great addition to any setting. Use seasonal flowers that you find at the store, garden center, or even in your yard.

gathering, get-together, barbecue, plan

Prep Ahead

Prep your food, set up your place settings and serving dishes, and decorate ahead of time so there is minimal work that you need to do when everyone is together.

If it is a picnic or barbecue, many of the food items can be prepared ahead of time so that the only work that will need to complete is grilling and setting out the food. That way you can spend more time visiting with your guests.

gathering, get-together, barbecue, plan

Plan a summer gathering and invite your family and friends. Once everything has been planned out and put into place, take the time to spend with your guests. Talk, visit, and make memories.

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gathering, get-together, barbecue, plan