How to Get Started on Your Organizing Journey

April 17, 2017

organizing, get started organizing

My organizing journey started just before I became a teenager. I went into my room one weekend and didn’t come out until it was completely cleaned and organized. Since then, I have strived to keep things organized and utilize the systems that we have put in place.

Organizing can be a scary word. It can evoke feelings of fear and panic especially when you don’t know where to begin. It’s easier to admit defeat than to try to figure out where to begin.

Most organizing plans fall through because people don’t create a system or keep up the system that they have initially established. To begin your organizing journey, you have to commit to wanting to be organized and be willing to maintain the systems that you put into place. 

People take the time to accomplish cleaning their home each week. Keeping their home organized is another story. It is not a difficult task, but many people put it off. It’s so much easier to shut the drawer, or door than to tackle what sits behind it.

You need to give some serious thought about where you want to begin. What are your organizational goals? What is the most important task for you to complete first?  Are you willing to make a commitment to maintain the systems that you put into place?

organizing, get started organizing

Your Organizing Journey

To start, you first need to create a plan of what you would like to organize. Each of these specific areas become your organizational goals. Like any goal, you must take steps to achieve it.

1 | Write down your organizational goals. What do you want to see organized? List each of the items or areas that are important for you to tackle.

2 | For each of the organizational goals, create an action plan. There could be multiple steps that you need to reach the target that you have set. What are the steps that you need to take to achieve your goal? What items do you need to make this happen? During this time, you should be honest with yourself. If you aren’t using something, it’s time to get rid of it by giving it away, donating it, or selling it.

3 | Implement each organizing goal by taking the action to achieve it. Working toward each goal could take some time. Follow the steps that you have created so you can accomplish it and not get frustrated in the process. Start small so you can easily maintain what you have worked so hard to achieve.

organizing, get started organizing

Get started on your organizing journey, today. List out your organizational goals and create an action plan to implement each of those goals. Once you have done that, create a solid routine that will help keep you organized. Once you have an established routine, organizing won’t seem so scary.

Until next time,

organizing, get started organizing