Gratitude and Keeping a Journal

November 9, 2017

gratitude, grateful, thankful, journal

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly; unless you’re a Canadian friend and celebrated last month. It’s always a good time to take a moment and reflect on what makes us grateful. We can often overlook what we have gratitude for when things are busy or aren’t going well.

Keeping a Journal

One way that I reflect on my gratitude is to journal each day. I purchased a pre-dated planner that I liked at the beginning of the year and write in it each day. My entries can include daily activities, my thoughts or feelings, something that I want to make a note of, or what I’m grateful for each day. Ideas for what to journal about are endless.

Journaling is part of my daily routine. I make time for it each evening. It doesn’t take me long to write about my day, and I enjoy looking back at what I’ve written. I also include pictures for some of my entries. I purchased a Polaroid Zip®, and the photo paper has an adhesive back. The photos add visual interest to my journal.

gratitude, grateful, journal


Take a moment and reflect on what you are grateful for by starting a journal. Ideas for what to journal about are endless.

Until next time,

gratitude, grateful, thankful, journal