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Using a Home Management Binder and a Free Printable

April 13, 2017
home management binder, homekeeping binder
One of the things that I use on a daily basis is my home management binder. It contains my weekly planner and all of the information that I need to access on a daily basis.
A home management binder is not a new idea. However, it can be helpful to keep track of anything and everything home related. It helps to keep relevant information in one useful place that can be easily accessed and will be a valuable, go-to resource.
home management binder; homekeeping binder
Using a binder, dividers, clear sheet protectors, and the items listed below, you can create a home management binder that you can tailor to your needs.

What to Include in Your Binder –

  • Calendar – Keep track of what you need to complete during the week.
  • Schedules – A sheet that keeps track of your family’s appointments, practices, and school activities.
  • To Do – Your to-do list can be kept weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • Cleaning – A cleaning schedule that lists each task and the day that you complete it.
  • Finances – A bill tracker of bills that you have to pay and the dates that they are due.
  • Menu Planning – 
    • Meal Prep – Plan out your meal prep for the week. If you map out several weeks at a time, you can then rotate the weeks for a variation.
    • Favorite Recipes – To help with your food prep, keep your favorite recipes in your binder, so they are easily accessible.
    • Recipes to Try – A list of recipes that you would like to try. You can add them to your meal prep rotation.
  • Freezer Inventory – A list of what you have in your freezer so you can use things promptly.
  • Home Projects – A master list of the home projects that you want to complete.
  • School – Information about school for each of your kids.
  • Medical – Insurance information, medical and medication trackers for each of your family members.
  • Contacts – Contact information for friends, family, and neighbors.
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries – Important dates for your family and friends.
  • Website User Names and Passwords – A list of your usernames, passwords, and the email associated with the sites that you use.
  • Fitness Tracker – Track your fitness schedule and what you’ve completed each day.
  • Holiday Planner – Planning for an upcoming holiday for decor, meals, and gifts, if needed.
  • Blogging – A blogging planner and calendar of upcoming posts and stats for the blog and social media.

 Free Printable

To get you started, I’ve included a free weekly printable.  You can use it as your weekly calendar, keep track of your schedule, track your cleaning tasks, weekly menu planning, and things that you need to complete during the week. Click on the image of the Weekly Planner to join and get access to your free printable.

home, home management, home management binder, home binder

Utilizing a home management binder will help to keep track of anything and everything home related in one place. It will be a valuable, go-to resource that will help to keep you organized.

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home management binder, homekeeping binder