How to Incorporate Hygge In Your Home

March 16, 2017


I am all for making our home a warm, comfortable, and cozy place to live in. This is especially true during inclement weather or when winter has the ground filled with snow. One way that I help to incorporate the cozy feeling that our home embodies is by utilizing hygge.

What is hygge? Perhaps, you’ve already heard of it. If you haven’t, hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish word, and one of its interpretations means cozy. It is an atmosphere that can be created by getting away from our busy life and enjoying the simple things. Whether there is snow on the ground or a thunderstorm raging outside, you can add hygge to your life year-round.

Adding Hygge to Your Home

1 | A Cozy Chair or Space – One of the main things you need is a cozy space to relax. Make it a comfortable chair or a small corner of a room.  It should be something that is warm and comfortable. If you have a fireplace in your home, light a fire and snuggle in to relax.

2 | Candle Light – Candlelight is an important feature. Lit candles immediately add light and warmth to the surroundings. Even during the warmer months, candles create a relaxing atmosphere.


3 | A Hot Drink – Drinking a cup of hot coffee, tea or cocoa can be very relaxing. Make a cup of your favorite, hot beverage and enjoy.

4 | A Warm Blanket or Sweater – A warm blanket or sweater can help you stay comfortable. Even during the warmer months, it is nice to snuggle into one when the nights get cooler.

5 | A Good Book – Grab your favorite book or start a new one and enjoy some quiet time to snuggle in and read.


Taking time to unplug and relax can often be put off because life itself demands so much of our constant attention. Take an hour, or an afternoon to enjoy the simple things in your life.

Until next time,