How to Keep Your Home Office or Studio Organized

May 1, 2017

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After our children started to move out on their own, I was fortunate enough to claim one of their rooms for a studio office. I have been able to add my own personal touch and make the space truly my own. I spend a lot of time in my studio office and I wanted something that was warm and inviting especially since many hours of my day are spent in there.

If you have a designated home office or home studio, you are indeed lucky. Even if you just have a corner that is an office or a studio (craft) space, it is important to stay on top of keeping it organized, so it doesn’t become a dumping ground. You can also add your personal touch. So, how do you keep your home office or studio organized? Let’s start with some basics.

office, home office, studio, studio office, organize, organization

Filing System

Create a designated space, within your work area, for papers that need immediate action. This could be a small file box or a folder that houses these items.

Establish a larger filing system for papers you need to keep, but won’t access every day. This could be a file drawer in your desk or a filing cabinet. Either way, have a designated spot to store important papers that you will need to access later.

Home Management Binder

In another post, Using a Home Management Binder, I spoke about the items to keep in a home management binder. This should be your go-to for the important information that relates to you, your family members, and your household. Keeping this information in one place saves you the time searching for it later.

Label Maker

If you haven’t taken the plunge to purchase a label maker, you may want to consider it. It keeps your files and other items that need to be labeled looked clean and streamlined. There is multiple colored label tape that you can purchase to add a pop of color to your files and other items.


A bookshelf isn’t just for books. You can use it to store items, as well as add your own personal touch to your space with decorative items.

Alternative Storage

Bins, baskets, and other containers can be helpful in storing smaller items that need a home. That doesn’t mean that they should be stuffed with all of the things that you want to hide or deal with later. Instead, use each one for a specific item. A few categories could be: notecards, envelopes, office supplies, and notebooks, to name a few.

office, home office, studio, studio office, organize, organization

Infuse Your Own Style

It’s your space, so infuse your own personal style. Add a fun pen/pencil holder, funky file folders, or a fun planner. You could also add some of your own personal items for a fun and unique touch.

office, home office, studio, studio office, organize, organization

Keeping your home office or home studio organized makes it much more pleasant to work in without all of the added clutter. Personalize your space to make it your own and don’t be afraid to make adjustments to it if something isn’t working for you. Overall, enjoy the space that you have created.

Until next time,

office, home office, studio, studio office, organize, organization