Life Happens Whether You Plan On It or Not

November 6, 2017

life, unexpected

My kiddos are all older, and one-by-one have been leaving the nest. A couple of weeks ago, my youngest son called and told me that his new job was going to be taking him four and a half hours from home. I knew that this was a possibility but, it still didn’t prepare me for the news. I started thinking about what we needed to do to make this move happen.

Immediately, we started planning and prepping for his move. We spent time right away finding a place for him to live. Thankfully, we found something within just a few days. He has been spending the weekends packing up his room. We wrote out a list of things that he needs and even bought items for his new place. The next month is going to be crazy. However, we also want to make sure that he can settle in his new home without any issues. He’ll be starting his new job just a few days after he moves. I’m thankful that things are falling into place for him.

My husband and I have often talked about moving to an area that’s within an hour or two of where my son will be living. Relocating has been a conversation that has taken place over the last few years. It’s not something that we decided on when my son told me that he was moving. I have to admit though; I would be happy to live closer to him rather than further away.

Life happens whether you plan on it or not. How can you manage things when life doesn’t go according to plan?

life, unexpected

1 | Breathe

Sometimes, it feels like life can knock the breath out of you. It’s important to take time to breathe and take care of one thing at a time, so you’re not overwhelmed.

life, unexpected

2 | Relax

With all that is going on, take the time to relax and take care of yourself. Indulge in a favorite pastime, read a book, listen to music or a podcast, or exercise to relieve the stress. A nap isn’t a terrible way to relax either. It helps you to recharge so you can take on whatever life is throwing at you.

life, unexpected

3 | Take things as they come

We often want to take care of everything at once, so it isn’t hanging over us. Instead, take each thing, one at a time, so that you can give it your best.

4 | Do what you can

We can’t do everything. Do what you can and don’t feel guilty if you don’t accomplish everything on your to-do list. I often take one day during the week to catch up on things. It makes me feel better when I devote the time to do that.

5 | Look for the good

There is always good in your life no matter how crazy things can be. Look for the good and take the time to savor and be grateful for it.

life, unexpected

Whether you plan on it or not, life happens. You can manage things when life doesn’t go according to the plans you have made. Take a breath, relax, and take things as they come. You’ll get there.

Until next time,

life, unexpected