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Planning for a Move

June 5, 2017

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My husband and I have talked about downsizing after our kiddos move out on their own later this year. The idea of packing everything up and moving it is overwhelming for sure.

Moving is a word that you either think of with excitement for the new journey ahead or dread because of the massive amount of planning and packing that you need to accomplish. Either way, the task ahead may seem daunting. How can you make your move go more smoothly?

It’s easy to get into the mindset of throwing it all into boxes and dealing with things when you’re in your new place. It may be easier on the front end, but frustrating when you’re trying to unpack and set up your new home. Nobody wants to spend hours looking for the silverware. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, there is a way to plan your move and pack your items, so things go more smoothly once your move is complete.move, moving, plan, planning, organize, organizing

Planning Your Move

Planning and organizing your move is essential to helping things run smoothly. You should begin doing this as soon as you make the decision to move.

Arrange the Move

Whether you hire a mover or opt to do it yourself, you need to arrange the date and moving company. Once you have that set, you can prepare for the move itself.

move, moving, plan, planning, organize, organizing

Pick Up the Items You Need

Make a list of the things that you need to get to help things go more smoothly. Things such as boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and tissue or newspaper to wrap your fragile items are needed. Permanent markers are also helpful when marking boxes, so they are easily visible.

move, moving, plan, planning, organize, organizing

Pack Up Your Things

While packing up your home, pack like items or items from a particular room together. For example, it is evident when packing up kitchen or bathroom items to pack the items in the same boxes. However, when it comes to items that are decorative, you can pack the items together in several boxes or put the decorative items from one room into a box so they can go into the bedroom in your new home.move, moving, plan, planning, organize, organizing

Label and List

When you pack up your things, take the time to create a list of what is in each box. Creating a list may seem time-consuming, but it will save you much frustration later on. You can label the boxes with a room name and a number that corresponds to a page number in your list, or you can attach the list to the box itself. If you choose to do the latter, make sure that you cover the list completely, so it doesn’t fall off or get damaged during the move.

Purge Unused Items

Moving is the ideal opportunity to purge items that won’t fit into your new home or are no longer being used. You can either give away or donate things that won’t make the move. Doing this while you are preparing to move is better than moving the items and having to deal with them after you move.

move, moving, plan, planning, organize, organizing

Whether moving is your jam or you dislike even the thought of moving, it’s important to plan and prepare to make your move go smoothly. When moving, take the time that you need to create a seamless transition from one home to the next. It will be worth it in the end.

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move, moving, plan, planning, organize, organizing