Completing a Large, Organizing Project

January 18, 2018

organize, organizing, organizing project

Our winter project is to organize our lower level. The lower level includes our family room, a couple of bedrooms, a bathroom, and work/storage room. Each of our children has occupied the bedrooms at one point or another, and all but one of our children have moved into their own homes. Our goal is to organize the lower level so we can use the family room and repurpose one of the bedrooms for a guest room.

Tackling an organizing project can seem daunting especially if it is large and involves multiple components that you need to complete. How can you approach an extensive, organization project, so it’s not quite so overwhelming?

organize, organizing, organizing project

Make a Plan

Making a plan for the entire organizing project is essential. It gives you a visual outline of what you need to complete. Ask yourself what the end goal is that you are trying to achieve and plan out the steps you need to take to obtain it.

As much as you would like to be able to complete the entire project at once, it’s not possible. You need to focus on the individual steps that you need to take to achieve your end goal. They should be manageable so you can complete them and not feel defeated.

In our case, we knew that we wanted to be able to use our family room more frequently and create a comfortable guest room that also serves other purposes. That is our end goal, and the overall plan and the steps that we take will help us to accomplish this. We divided up the project into rooms and then individual tasks within the space to complete it.

organize, organizing, organizing project

Make the Time

In a previous post, I wrote about the tools that I use to complete an organizing project. One of those is time. Making the time to organize is essential to making the progress that you want.

Typically, I will create multiple steps that vary in the length of time that they take to complete. Even though the overall project seems daunting, it makes it easier to tackle by creating individual steps that I can make the time to finish. We don’t work for more than a two-hour stretch at a time before we take a break or move onto something else.

Purge as You Go

As you’re organizing, it’s important to purge as you go through each space. You need to ask the following questions when you are deciding if you want to keep an item.

1 | Do you love it? Is it something that you want in your home, or are you keeping it for sentimental reasons?

2 | Are you using the item? If you are, how often are you using it?

3 | Do you have room in your home to keep and use it?

4 | Does the item fit in with your current decor? If it doesn’t, are you still willing to use it? Can it be updated so you can use it in your home? Are you ready to take the time to update it so you can use it?

5 | Do you see passing this item down to a family member? Are they going to want it?

If the answer to the any of the above questions is no, then you need to consider giving away or selling the item.

We had quite a few things that we purged. I am setting them aside in one space for now and will be holding a garage sale this summer. Even though the items have not been removed from our house yet, I know that they will be gone relatively soon.

organize, organizing, organizing project

Taking on a large, organizing project can be incredibly overwhelming. It’s essential to create a plan and break it down into manageable steps so you can complete what you’ve set out to do.

Until next time,

organize, organizing, organizing project