How to Keep Your Purse Organized

January 22, 2018

purse, bag, tote, organize, organization

Most women carry a purse with them each day. My bag contains only the items that I will need throughout my day. I carry my keys, wallet, phone, earbuds, business cards, reading and sunglasses, pens, lip balm and lipstick, and my essentials oils that I may need. If I’m going to an appointment, I will carry my Ipad so I can read my book while I’m waiting. During the winter, I also have a pair of warm gloves that will go in my purse when I am not wearing them.

Keeping your purse organized should not be a struggle. There are things that you need to have with you each day, but they should only be the essentials. What can you do to help you keep your purse organized?

Carry the Essentials

You need to consider what is necessary to have with you each day. If there are extra items that you think that you might need, you can either keep those things at work, in your car or carry a tote bag.

purse, bag, tote, organize, organization

Contain the Clutter

Small pouches can be extremely helpful in containing the clutter. You can use bags for makeup, medications, essential oils, receipts, business cards, electronics, and change. You could also use a pouch to contain the smaller items in your purse, so they aren’t getting lost on the bottom of your bag.

purse, bag, tote, organize, organization

Clean It Out

Take the time to clean out your purse each week. Remove any garbage, receipts, change, and anything that isn’t necessary to your daily activities. If you use a pouch for your receipts, sort through them each week and store only the ones you need to keep in the bag, so they are readily accessible if you need to return an item.

purse, bag, tote, organize, organization

Use a Tote Bag

When you’re away from home during the day, you want to make sure that you have whatever you may need throughout the day. In a previous post, I talked about putting together a work tote. Your purse should carry the essentials, not the extras.

Use a Smaller Purse

If you don’t want to carry both a purse and a tote bag, use a smaller purse that will fit into your bag while you’re on the go. Your purse can hold your essentials like your ID, money, phone, and glasses. The remainder of the items can go in your tote.

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purse, bag, tote, organize, organization

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