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January 1, 2018

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Happy New Year! The new year gives us the opportunity to set new goals to achieve for ourselves. One of the goals that I am looking to accomplish is to continue reading as much as time allows. To make time to read, I take a book with me whenever I have an appointment. I also go to bed thirty minutes earlier so I can indulge in reading a book.

During the summer of 2017, I rediscovered my love of reading. Previously, I didn’t take much time to read for enjoyment. My favorite genre is historical fiction. I also like to read many other types of fiction and nonfiction books and still enjoy the classics.

To find new things to read, I signed up for BookBub. I talked about BookBub in a previous post, as well. BookBub is free, and when you sign up, you signify what genres you are interested. BookBub then sends you a daily email of books that are free or reduced in price for your iPad, Kindle, Android, and Nook.

I also took the time to follow and listen to some bookish podcasts with recommendations of what to read as well as following several Instagram accounts that share what they’re reading. If you’re interested in the book related Instagram accounts that I am following, visit me @mittengirlreads. It is a separate account from the @livingasimplifiedlife Instagram account and filled with only book-filled accounts.

book, books, ebook, ebooks, read, reading

Although I love handling and reading a physical book, I find myself reading more on my e-reader. It’s easier to carry with me when I’m going to appointments or traveling. I’m also able to get many ebooks that have reduced prices from the BookBub recommendations. My virtual bookshelf now has over one-hundred books that I will be able to choose from in 2018.

Audiobooks are also a good choice while you’re working out, cleaning, or driving. I will often listen to an audiobook while I’m running errands or on a long car trip. For Christmas, I received a pair of wireless headphones (thanks, K) to listen to books while I’m traveling with my family.

I’m also keeping a book journal in 2018. Many people keep track of their reads on Goodreads. I do this as well, but I wanted a journal where I could record my thoughts about each book, as well.

There were so many great books that I read in 2017. I thought that I would share a few of the books that I enjoyed.

The Paris Wife

This book by Paula McClain is a fictional account of Ernest Hemingway’s marriage to his first wife, Hadley Richardson. It gives us a peek at their married life and their time in Paris with all of the other writers during the Jazz Age of the 1920’s. I am looking forward to reading more books by this author.

Caroline: Little House Revisited

Sarah Miller wrote a first-person fictional account of Caroline Ingalls and their trip from the Big Woods of Wisconsin to Kansas territory. It gives us a glimpse into the hardships that the family endured as well as Caroline’s feelings and experiences while traveling in a covered wagon to an unknown place with her young family.

The Foundling: The True Story of a Kidnapping, a Family Secret, and My Search for the Real Me

I first saw Paul Fronczak on an episode of 20/20 on ABC.  He was left in a stroller and was thought to be the baby that had been taken from a Chicago hospital in 1964. The kidnapped baby’s family took him home believing that he was their long-lost son. Keep in mind that this was long before DNA testing. After doing DNA testing when it came about, he finds out that he is not the kidnapped child. The book is about his journey to find out who he is. A fascinating true story that still has information to be discovered.

Before We Were Yours

Lisa Wingate writes a fictional account of real-life events about children that were kidnapped by Georgia Tann from their low-income families and sold to wealthy families who wanted a child. It tugs at your heart-strings as the children are old enough to remember the family that they that were taken from but soon realize that they will never see them again.

Currently Reading – Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Caroline Fraser gives us a complete history of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s life including many details that Wilder did not include in her children books. Not only do you get the history of the Ingalls family, but you also get a historical account of the time that Laura Ingalls Wilder lived. I read Donald Zochert’s Laura when I was a teenager and have been fascinated by the history behind the books that I read as a child. Since then, I have also read Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Biography and also have Pioneer Girl Perspectives: Exploring Laura Ingalls Wilder on my to-be-read shelf.

book, books, ebook, ebooks, read, reading

I’ve discovered that reading is something that I purposely need to make time for or it doesn’t happen. Throughout 2018, I will share some more of the books that I am reading. How do you make the time to read? What books are you reading or looking forward to reading in 2018?

Until next time,

book, books, ebook, ebooks, read, reading

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