Six Meaningful Ways to Reconnect With Yourself

February 15, 2018

rest, relax, reconnect, self-care

I’ve mentioned before that I have dealt with a chronic illness for much of my lifetime. My diagnosis finally came just over three years ago. Since then, I’ve had to learn how to reconnect with myself and my body to start my┬áhealing journey.

With our busy lives, it’s easy to lose sight of how important it is to take care of ourselves. I wrote about self-care in a previous post. Reconnecting with yourself is another element of self-care. There are several ways that you can reconnect with yourself.

rest, relax, reconnect, self-care

1 | Take a Break

Taking 5-10 minutes is helpful in reconnecting with yourself. Disconnect from what you’re doing and your devices. Take the time to relax and just breathe. Once your break is over, you can get back to what you were working on with a fresh perspective.

rest, relax, reconnect, self-care

2 | Get Outside

Getting outside can be a great way to reconnect with yourself. Instead of taking your device to listen to music, a podcast, or a book, take a walk or ride your bike while just taking in what’s around you.

rest, relax, reconnect, self-care

3 | Journal

Journaling is a therapeutic and creative outlet. Write or draw each day or whenever the mood strikes you. Personally, I write in a journal each night before I go to bed. It’s part of my evening routine.

rest, relax, reconnect, self-care

4 | Meditate

In a previous post, I wrote about how to get a good night’s sleep and linked the apps that I use to meditate each day. Meditating helps you to slow down and reconnect with yourself.

rest, relax, reconnect, self-care

5 | Rest

Sleep is so important and yet, people don’t always look at it as being as important a need as it is. Each night, we should be getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep. Take a look at your evening routine and make sleep a priority.

rest, relax, reconnect, self-care

6 | Travel

Whether it’s a day trip or a more extended vacation, travel can help you to slow down and relax. Instead of sightseeing, take a few days to rest and take in the scenery from your hotel or rental. If reading is your thing, use the time to catch up on your to-be-read (TBR) list.

rest, relax, reconnect, self-care

Take the time to slow down and reconnect with yourself. It doesn’t have to take much time and will help you to┬átake a break from your busy life.

Until next time,

rest, relax, reconnect, self-care

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