Keeping Your Teenager Organized

January 29, 2018

teen, teenager, organize, organized, organization

Several years ago, my Mom shared with me that when I was a teenager, I disappeared into my room one weekend and didn’t emerge until I had it organized. My kiddos did not keep their spaces in order while they were teenagers. I had to learn to take a step back even though I kept things organized in the other areas of our home.

If you have a teenager in your home, you know that they have an individual organizing style. Many times it involves clothes and papers that are taking up residence on the floor and under the bed. Helping your teenager stay organized can become a battle of wills. However, there are a few things that you can do to help them maintain some organization in their lives even if their room doesn’t reflect that.

teen, teenager, organize, organized, organization

Home Organization

1 | Using a basket gives you a space to contain the items that your kiddos leave lying around the house until they take care of them. You can designate one basket for each child.

2 | You can use a wall mounted letterbox to collect your kiddos mail or school papers. The paperwork doesn’t accumulate on your counter, and your kids know to check it for their important items.

3 | Having an individual laundry basket for each of your kids can help when it comes time to do laundry. Clothes can be washed and dried in separate loads, folded, and returned to their rooms using their basket. When my kids were in middle school, I had them start doing their laundry. I helped them with it when they first started.

4 | If your children do daily chores, it is helpful to have a list that they can follow. I posted ours in the kitchen next to our family calendar so everyone could see it. Some of the tasks such as setting the table, helping to make dinner, cleaning up after the meal, and emptying the dishwasher were rotated each week.

teen, teenager, organize, organized, organization

School Organization

1 |  Using a planner to keep track of appointments, homework, tests, and practices can help your kiddo take control of their schedule and time management. They can keep track of their calendar using a  paper planner or on their device.

2 | Creating a homework spot gives your kiddo a place to settle in and get things done. Stock the area with school supplies that they may need while working.

3 | In a previous post, I talked about creating a back to school routine. There are some other organizing ideas listed there that you can implement, as well.

teen, teenager, organize, organized, organization

Helping your teenager to be organized is something that they will be able to implement at home, at school, and in their personal life. Do you have any tips that you use to help keep your teenager organized?

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teen, teenager, organize, organized, organization

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