Planning for Your Next Vacation

July 17, 2017

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My husband and I have spent the last few days on vacation. We have a favorite spot that we visit a couple of times every summer. It’s always good to get away and recharge.

Planning a vacation takes time, but the end result is definitely worth it. Taking the time away from everyday life is a welcome break. It’s helpful to take the time to rest and relax. What do you need to take into consideration while planning your next vacation?


vacation, trip, getaway

Choose a Location

Do you have a favorite place that you love to visit? Is there somewhere that you’ve always wanted to travel? Do you let adventure take you places?

Choosing a location to travel to can be one of the most challenging parts of planning a vacation. Researching your travel location online is helpful in planning your vacation. There are multiple travel sites that give relevant information and personal reviews. Taking these into consideration can help you have a successful vacation.

vacation, trip, getaway

What to Pack

Packing can be difficult especially when the weather is subject to change. Consider the forecast, and plan accordingly. Choose clothes for each day of your vacation and add a sweater or jacket just in case it’s needed. Staying somewhere that has a washer and dryer is a bonus.

If you have kiddos, you’ll need to pack their clothing, as well as packing for whatever they will need during the trip. Planning out and packing some activities for down times can be helpful to keep them occupied.

If you’re working during your vacation, consider what you will need. Will you need your laptop? Do you need your planner? Is there paperwork that you need to take with you? Plan out what you need so you’re not missing something while you’re away.

vacation, trip, getaway

Getting There

Whether you’re planning to drive, or flying is your choice of transportation, you need to plan out your route and purchase plane tickets if needed.

While driving to a vacation destination, my hubby and I like to stop at places that we would like to visit along the way. This gives us the opportunity to stretch our legs, and take in something new.

vacation, trip, getaway


What are your ideal accommodations? Do you like to stay in a hotel with amenities, or would you rather be on your own in a home style accommodation? Choosing where you stay is easy to research online. Look at the ratings that have been left by previous occupants. You should also consider the location of your accommodations in relation to what you are planning to do while you are on vacation.

vacation, trip, getaway


When traveling, my husband and I often find a small rental with a kitchen. We have found that preparing our own meals is cheaper than eating every meal in a restaurant. We do indulge in a couple of meals at restaurants. I like to find restaurants that are local to the area. You can often ask for recommendations from people that live or work in the area.


vacation, trip, getaway


We travel with our pets so pet-friendly accommodations are important to us. Make arrangements ahead of time to board your pets or engage a pet sitter. It’s important to take care of this as quickly as possible as quality kennels fill up quickly, especially on holiday weekends.

If you take your pets with you and have plans to go somewhere for an extended period of time, you may want to consider looking for a pet daycare in the area. This will allow you to enjoy your daily adventure without having to worry about your fur babies.

vacation, trip, getaway

Before You Leave

Before you leave home, take care of any cleaning and laundry that need to be done. Also, make a list of things you want to accomplish when you return home. Taking care of these items will make things less stressful when you return home. You will have enough to take care of with unpacking, laundry from your vacation, sorting your mail, and getting everything put away. You don’t need extra items to contend with when you walk through the door.

vacation, trip, getaway

When You Return

When you return from your vacation, make sure you find the time to print off your pictures and record your adventures. Whether you journal your trip or create a travel scrapbook, you then have a keepsake that you can use to reminiscence.

vacation, trip, getaway


The end result of planning a vacation is definitely worth it. It’s important to take the time away from everyday life to rest, relax, and recharge. Plan your next vacation, and enjoy!

Until next time,


vacation, trip, getaway