Sweet Valentine’s Day Ideas

February 12, 2018

valentine, valentine's day, ideas

When my hubby and I were first going out, I gave him a Crock Pot® for Valentine’s Day. He expressed to me that it was one of the best gifts that he’s ever received. Since then, we don’t exchange gifts. Instead, we create cards to give to one another.

If you celebrate Valentine’s Day, there are several ideas that you can implement to have fun with the day and not spend a lot of money.

valentine, valentine's day, ideas

Less is More

When my kiddos were younger, I would put together a bag for Valentine’s Day that included candy and a couple of little items. It was fun to put the bags together, and they didn’t cost much. When they got older, I would add a small gift card to keep it more age appropriate.

When your kiddos are old enough, you can create a scavenger hunt so they can have fun searching for their treats.

For my hubby, I create a card for him each year. I’ve also printed off favorite photos of us, or our family, and framed it. You can update it each year.

You could create a printable of 10 things that you love about your loved one or write out some of your favorite text message exchanges. The choices of what you can do are endless.

valentine, valentine's day, ideas

Sweet Eats

If you like to bake, make some sweet treats for your loved ones that they enjoy. You can make heart-shaped cookies, cupcakes (add a marble on one side of the liner before baking to create a heart shape), or a cake. If your family has something else that they like, you can make that instead.

You can make dinner special by incorporating one of your favorite recipes using the dishes that you use on the holidays. It will be a fun surprise for your family when you sit down to eat.

After dinner, you can choose a game to play or a movie to watch together. Make some popcorn and settle in or make a hot chocolate bar with all the toppings.

valentine, valentine's day, ideas

Whatever you choose to do for Valentine’s day, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have some fun with it. Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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valentine, valentine's day, ideas

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