How to Keep Your Vehicle Organized

May 22, 2017

vehicle, car, organization

I used to spend over an hour in my car for the commute to and from work each day. I know that is short compared to some of the commutes that people have. My vehicle had to include everything that I may need for the drive and then what I would need personally while I was away from home each day.

Our vehicle often acts as an extension of our home. With our busy lives, the car not only serves as transportation but also as a place to eat, and work. As a result of its constant use, our vehicle can get rather messy and cluttered. How can we keep our car organized, so it doesn’t get out of control?

Confine the Garbage

One of the most important things to have in your vehicle to maintain the mess is a trash bag or container. If you have kids, you could have one in both the front and back seats. By utilizing the trash bag, the garbage will not end up on the floor which will help tremendously in keeping your car clean and mess free.

Glove Compartment

The glove compartment should not be the space to stash all of your receipts. Instead, use it for it to hold necessities such as band-aids, a nail kit, and a small sewing kit. These items aren’t something that we always carry with us, but they are sometimes needed when we’re away from home.

vehicle, car, organization

Center Console

If you have a center console in your vehicle,  you can use it to store items, and only items, that you would need on the road. A box of kleenex, a small flashlight, a multitool, a small multi-head screwdriver, tire gauge, change for meters, tolls or a cheap purchase, and your registration and insurance.

vehicle, car, organization

Back Seat

There are multiple things that you may need throughout the day. You can use a tote or basket in the back seat to keep these items contained. It could simply be your work tote that houses these items. If you don’t carry a work tote, create a space that could accommodate a basket or bin to keep the things you need in one spot and not rolling around your back seat.

vehicle, car, organizationTrunk

You can also keep a small bag or container in your trunk to house the items that you might need. A fabric shopping bag, umbrella, travel blanket, a travel pillow, and jumper cables are things that you could use on a fairly regular basis. If you live in a climate that experiences snow in the winter, keeping a brush/scraper, snow boots, socks, and an extra jacket could be helpful if you were to get stranded. The blanket would come in handy here, as well. You could have a separate bag or bin that you keep in your vehicle in the winter and could take it out during the warmer months.

vehicle, car, organization

To keep your vehicle clutter-free, it’s important to only keep essential items in it. The more items you have, the more likely it is for the clutter to get out of control. By keeping only the things you need, in a clearly defined space, you can keep your vehicle organized and clutter-free.

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vehicle, car, organization