How to Put Together a Work Tote That Works for You

May 11, 2017

work bag, work tote, tote

A work tote can be essential if your job takes you outside of the home. When I was teaching, I carried a tote back and forth every day. I need to be sure that I had everything that I needed for the work day. My latest tote was a rolling backpack that did the job but didn’t cause undue stress on my shoulders and back.

Whether you work at a job outside of the home or work from home, you often need a work tote to carry all of your daily necessities. Putting together a¬†work tote is a personal experience based on your needs. You don’t want to carry too much as it will get heavy after carrying it for a while. However, you also need to consider what you will need during the day while you are away from home. How can you make your work bag work for you?

work bag, work tote, tote


Laptop or Digital Device

Much of our daily work lives are connected to a laptop or digital device. Your work tote should have room to carry it if this is something that you need to use each day.

work bag, work tote, tote

Notebook or Journal

There are times when you need to jot down information that is necessary later. Carrying a small notebook or journal can keep everything in one place so you can refer to it later.

Working File

If you have items that you carry back and forth with you between work and home, you may want to consider getting a heavy duty file or file system that can hold them. This way, they will not get ruined in transport.

Small Bag with Personal Items

Consider what your needs are throughout the day. Pack a small bag with personal items such as lip balm, and a nail file/kit. Tailor your bag to what you use on a daily basis. Personally, I also carry essential oils, so I have them when I need them.

Bag with Office Essentials

Carry your favorite pens, highlighters, and sticky notes with you in another small bag. You can also add electronic accessories that you will need such as a phone or laptop charger.


Sometimes the weather makes a change during the day. Be prepared by carrying a small travel umbrella in your bag, so it’s there if you need it.

work bag, work tote, tote

Putting together your work tote is a personal experience based on your needs. Choose a bag that you like, and that works for you, and consider what you will need during the day. Make your work bag work for you.

Until next time,

work bag, work tote, tote